Corona Virus is Nature's Wildcard

I am starting to feel like this Virus want to take us one by one but Slowly. It has become so scary that I really believe that we should all seriously consider ways to protect not only ourselves but also the Environment. I read an article, or maybe I saw a Documentary recently that suggested that maybe, Corona Virus originate from a pool of Virus that has been Dormant for in some cases Millions of years in the Ice Packs, at a time when Mankind was just a speck on this Earth, and that because of Global Warming. These Ice Packs which Scientist's claim are now melting at such a fantastic rate is releasing things that is beyond our wildest dreams from their dormant state (if you never believed in Pandora's Box maybe this is a good time to consider it exist's) Way back in 2020 (seems like a long time ago) a Scientist from Central Europe suggested, that Covid19 came out of a test tube. The argument she presented was that its structure contained an anomily that was not consistent with a natural occuring virus. The suggestion was so well presented that it has always stayed in the back of my mind. She said that Covid19 contain man additives (I am not a scientist ok I am not a conspiracy theorist)This Scientist described in such detail why she believed Covid19 was Man Made. Imagine for one absurd moment that this person is on point what this could mean for us. Some of the world hate Donald Trump, some laugh at him, and some trust what he has to say. He is a hateful clever manipulative person. But he had his moment and he also made some claims that we (as not in the know)have to look at and try to get our heads around this too. Then we have to look back at recent events. HIV, SARS, MERS, The rise in respiratory problems affecting children, mass deforestation and it's effects on parts of the world Australia, California, even parts of Europe. I would prefer a giant meteor come from the sky and erase mankind (blam finish)than go through what we are suffering now because we as a species are SUFFERING and we are creating more ways to suffer. We have become FRAGILE because we have overwhelmed our bodies with so much stuff that we should not be amazed when we are overwhelmed by viruses that our natural immune system were probably able to fight off in the past. Prostate Cancer has become so common now. LUXURY IS KICKING THE LIFE OUT OF US. WE EAT SHIT CONTAINING CHEMICALS THAT SHOULD NEVER ENTER OUR BODIES AND CALL IT *LUXURY* RIGHT NOW THE ARGUMENT IS ABOUT VACCINES THAT CAUSE BLOOD CLOTS RESULTING IN DEATH BUT BECAUSE THE AMOUNT OF PEOPLW THAT IT AFFECTS IS SMALL WE SEE THIS AS ACCEPTABLE. This is a contradiction because we mourn and count the mass deaths that occur, but appear to write off those that perish because we inject them with these experimental drugs that most appear safe with. The ones that perish are *acceptible losses* Anomilies I am starting to wonder where is God because it is just sitting watching us implode and pissing itself laughing at our struggles. He cast out adam and eve, help moses free his people took him up to heaven in a chariot of fire they say he lived for 8 or 9 centuries he saved noah, created babble and loads of shit. But we have a virus (fuck knows where it come from) the bitch keeps changing it is causing havoc to our lives in so many ways. Now we have a variant that has 2 strains like if we did not have enough lockdown, death, confusion mental health issues. Where is this god being that gave his only begotten son and moves in mysterious ways. With this double variant there will probably be more lockdown. I am not a scientist so I have no idea why this bitch keep changing unless god is culling his sheep or some fucker develop this covid and gave it the ability to adapt. But that is Science Fiction Right? Fuck it I am going to have a glass of single malt take my pills for my different ailments have a steak for lunch with some processed foods and call it a day. I wait for the next variant which will probably be incurable and take mankind to the precipice.

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